Let’s Manage Our Screen Time!

Smartphones/gadgets help us automate the work we’re doing to be more efficient and thus increase productivity.

Important to recognize that gadgets are important tools but we must be conscious that there may be negative impacts. Thus, it is crucial to practice moderation and maintain balance in use of gadgets.

  1. Set up your goals before using gadgets
  2. Put your phone away while socializing with friends and family
  3. Allocate ‘no-gadget me time’
  4. Find and engage with other activities such as sports, art, and craft
  5. Limit use at bedtime

WhatsApp’s Quick Tip

If you are a small business owner or a professional and you are using WhatsApp Business, please follow these simple steps to maintain effective work/life balance and the use of app and gadget:

  • Set up ‘away message’ to let your customer or colleague know your operational or working hours
  • Use ‘automated message’ to quickly reply to your customer or colleague on frequently asked questions/queries

If you are using WhatsApp Messenger, you can follow these steps:

  • Mute your notification to all or certain contact or group
  • Update your about to let other people know your current position and availability 

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