The Privacy Gallery


Sixth Vital Organ

Blood bags with a functioning mobile charger on its end are situated beside a sofa. This combination of objects demonstrates how important it is to manage the balance in activities, including using gadgets.

Data for Sale

When various needs can be facilitated by digital technology, personal data protection, and privacy control needs to be the concern of all parties. This work translates the collective anxiety over many forms of violation experienced online, manifested by juxtaposing hundreds of national ID card replica with cracker cans.

Not all Drugs are Remedies

In this installation, unregistered medicines, counterfeit health products, and other illegal medicaments that are promoted and sold online are dumped onto a sink with running water. As time goes by, we will witness them go foul—resembling our bodies’ reaction to those harmful ingredients.

Garbage of Hoax

This installation moves straightforward upon an often-shared narrative: users should use their whole means to only consume fact-based and trustful information online. Other contents that do not meet the standard should be thrown away right to the garbage bin.

You Pry, So I Comply

The installation chooses photographs to represent a string of daily occurrence regarding privacy. It portrays the familiarity of entering a passcode as the simplest form in providing oneself a sense of security.

Bliss in Disguise

This artwork constructs everyday moments of confinement that people now share globally. At the same time, it construes the sense of transparency through the use of aquariums. It tells us the truest story of modern life: we may be physically separated, but technology never ceases to bring us closer.