The Privacy Gallery is an initiative brought by ICT Watch Indonesia to take an unconventional and popular approach to shed light on personal data protection and digital literacy issues.

The Privacy Gallery is initially designed as an offline exhibition, where visitors could touch and feel the art installations. However, the situation took a new turn. The current pandemic brings challenges that have never been imagined before.

Amid various plans that have been postponed, the situation also presents new possibilities to be explored. We feel the need to pick up this momentum as everyone migrates to digital platforms. It does not matter if you cannot physically attend our art exhibition, let the Privacy Gallery come to you with the tap of your fingers.

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The Privacy Gallery was created by the participation of several people who were members of 2 teams, namely ICT Watch and Studio Malya. People behind the project (in alphabetical order):

Abiyasa Musyafa Wairagya
Acep Syarifudin
Adam Oktaviantoro
Adyani Sita
Alvidha Septianungrum
Amita Atmowiloto
Amru Farras
Andri Azis
Aprili Dit
Bayu Nugroho
Bubung Ahmad Sulaiman
Donny B. U.
Essy Pramesti
Fatah Yusi
Gustaf H. Iskandar
Hanafiyah Annur
Hariz Ghifari
Hartmantyo Utomo
Heru Tjatur
Ilma Kinasih
Indriyatno Banyumurti
Maharani Phydra Adila W.
Manda Mandes
Mega Nur
Nandhika Lupitasari
Stefano Pelamonia
Tian Nugra
Yesa Utomo