Secure Your Gadget from Within

In the online world, we have the right to choose how and with whom we want to interact. Privacy helps us to create boundaries and protect ourselves.  Ways to secure your online activities and devices:

  • Encrypt your data
  • Backup your data
  • Update and install your software and operating system updates
  • Choose a safe and secure password. Use a password checker
  • Sign out completely from any account you’ve used/accessed 

WhatsApp’s Quick Tip

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption ensures only you and the person you’re communicating with can read what’s sent, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp. Your messages are secured with locks. Only the recipient and you have the special keys needed to unlock and read your messages. For added protection, every message you send has an unique lock and key. All of this happens automatically: No need to turn on settings or set up special secret chats to secure your messages.

Note: End-to-end encryption is always activated. There’s no way to turn off end-to-end encryption.

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Nopal x Facebook: “Phising”


tuh hati-hati kalo bersosmed, jangan sampe kena tipuan phising begini. Bisa jadi nanti kita merugi kalo ga teliti. yok semua bagiin video ini agar gaada yang tertipu dan semua bisa #nyamandisosmed

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