What to do if you encounter a hoax

All of us have a significant role in stopping the spread of hoax, and we can. Ways to stop the spread of hoax (Official tips by Indonesia’s Committee for the Handling of Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery):

  • Check and validate the origin of the news and make sure the news comes from trusted sources. Remember, even if a message is shared frequently, it is not necessarily true. Contact the official hotline of covid19.go.id on WhatsApp operated by the Ministry of ICT here: +62811-3339-9000
  •  Be careful with forwarded messages. If you are not sure who wrote the original message, double-check the facts. Check the facts online. Check trusted news and government websites to be sure.
  • Ensure family members are aware of hoaxes and remind them not to share it. Some people still don’t know photos can be edited, videos can be re-dubbed, and so on. Don’t let your beloved family become the victim.
  • If a message generates negative emotions, such as fear, anger, confusion, etc., stop reading it! These are hoax signs, designed to make people react quickly without thinking. Fight and check first.
  •  If it is not convincing, don’t share it with others. Sharing hoaxes does not mean caring but actually hurting others.

WhatsApp’s Quick Tip

You can identify and stop the spread of hoax on WhatsApp by following these simple steps (Staying Safe on WhatsApp module):

  • Understand if a message is forwarded. See the arrow sign on the message you received (1 or 2 arrows)
  • Questions information that upsets you
  • Check information that seems unbelievable
  • Look for messages that look different
  •  Check photos, videos, and audio messages carefully
  • Look closely at a link before clicking it
  • Use other sources
  • Be thoughtful about what you see
  • False news often goes viral

Actions you can take when you’ve spotted a problem:

  • You can control what you see. Block any number or leave any group you want
  •  Identify groups that are problematic and report them as spam
  • Block unwanted users
  • Turn off notifications
  • Contact MAFINDO to help you check any message or information you received on WhatsApp: +6285574676701

Read further: https://s.id/qEPMA

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